Spanish & volunteering VQ5W80

Social projects in Quito - Ecuador: volunteer opportunity




A five week course including volunteer service in one of our partner projects. This Spanish & volunteering program includes 80 hours of individual Spanish classes. Through the volunteer work you will get even closer to the Ecuadorian people and culture.

Social work in Quito - Ecuador







Quito - Sintaxis Language School

Course description 

In total you have 80 hours of individual Spanish classes. It is up to you how many classes per day you'd like to take. 

By the end of the course you will achieve intermediate Spanish skills and be able to communicate with others in Spanish. The course is especially suitable for all who have little time to study Spanish and would like to work in a social project. Through the course you will get an intermediate Spanish level that enables you to communicate while you are working in the project. 





5 weeks

Total of 80 hours of classes


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Travel to Ecuador and do both: learn Spanish and work in social project as volunteer.

You are taught by one of our qualified teachers. Moreover you can participate in a weekly Sintaxis dance and cooking course.

1:1 1190 US$ (VQ5W80)
2:1 1904 US$ (2VQ5W80)

The price includes all costs: teaching, accommodation with one of our host families, full board and laundry service.