Jungle tour (8 day / 7 nights) CUYRE8

Jungle tours in the Amazon of Ecuador




Anacondas, Monkeys, beatuful flora and fauna and much more... visit the Cuyabeno reserve in Ecuador! This jungle tour will not disapoint you. 

Frog on your hands - Cuyabeno national reserve
Description:  Cuyabeno reserve - 8 Days
Code: CUYRE8  
Location: Cuyabeno Reserve  
Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights  
Price: 510 US$  
Anaconda taking a sunbath in the cuyabeno river


DAY 1 Quito - Lago Agrio - El Puente:

(10:30 a.m. – 20 mins.) or bus ride (one day before – 8 hour ride) to Lago Agrio. Drive from Lago Agrio to El Puente. Canoe trip down the Cuyabeno River to our campsite.

 TAME Ecuadorian Airline

DAY 2 Cuyabeno River:

Morning: paddle by traditional dug-out canoe on the Caiman-Coca (Laguna Del Caiman) to enjoy the natural uniqueness. After Lunch: hike in the primary forest including lessons in the use of plants for survival. Late Afternoon: relax, swim, and enjoy the sunset on the magnificent Laguna Grande.

 Bird in the Amazonas rainforest of Ecuador

DAY 3 Cuyabeno River - Amarumposa:

Morning: enjoy the landscape and the wildlife down the Cuyabeno River on motor boat to the camp site in the Quichua community. Late Afternoon: Searching for dolphins in the lake. Night: Exciting night walk in the forest.

 Pyranha fishing in the cuyabeno river - Ecuador

DAY 4 Aguarico River Cofan Community:

Morning: visit the Cofan community to learn about their culture and tradition. After Lunch: continue down the Aguarico River and sleep over in Lagarto Cocha.

 Indigenous community - Cuyabeno national reserve Ecuador

DAY 5 Aguarico and Lagarto Rivers:

Morning: hike in the forest to learn more about the flora and fauna. After Lunch: search for dolphins and caimans in the beautiful lakes of Lagarto.

 Jungle of Ecuador (rainforest cuyabeno)

DAY 6 Lagarto Cocha Lake:

Early Morning: bird watching. Morning: journey up stream to the Aguarico River to sleep in Amarumposa camp.

 Caiman - Rainforest of Ecuador (Amazonas)

DAY 7 Cuyabeno River:

short walk. After breakfast: journey up the Cuyabeno River to the shaman place to learn about his ancestral secrets and traditions of shamanism. Afternoon: relax, swim, and enjoy the sunset on the magnificent Laguna Grande.

 birds - Cuyabeno reserve

DAY 8 El Puente- Lago Agrio- Quito:

Morning journey up Cuyabeno River to El Puente. Drive to Lago Agrio. Flight or bus journey back to Quito.

 Lodge - Cuyabeno reserve


  • Billingual guide (English / Spanish)
  • Transport from Lago Agrio to El Puente (Bus)
  • Transport from El Puente to the Lodge (im Canoe)
  • Accommodation in the lodge with full board (private bath)
  • All camping equipment (rain coat, boots, mosquito netting or tents & Life jackets)
  • Excursions
  • Transport from the lodge to El Puente and Lago Agrio
  • Accident insurance


  • Transportation Quito - Lago Agrio (Flight approximately US$ 75.00) (Bus 10.00 US$)
  • Entrance fee for visiting the indigenous people (4 US$ per person)
  • Transportation Lago Agrio - Quito (Flight approximately US$ 75.00) (Bus 10.00 US$)
  • Tips

Cuyabeno Reserve

The Cuyabeno Reserve was created in 1979 and it covers over 600,000 ha of untainted rainforest around the Río Cuyabeno. The reserve can be accessed from Lago Agrio and it has become an important tourist destination. Frequently seen fauna include several species of monkey, birds, caimans, turtles, and conga ants. Freshwater dolphins, giant armadillos, anacondas, and manatees are also occasionally spotted.

A variety of indigenous groups, including the Cofan, the Siona, and the Secoya have traditionally inhabited the area. Recently, the Lowland Quichuas have immigrated to the area. Some of these indigenous communities are involved in "Indigenous Community Controlled Ecotourism," and offer jungle tours that support responsible tourism.