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Study Spanish in three weeks. This course is designed for persons who want to learn Spanish thoroughly or anyone wishing to deepen or freshen up his knowledge in Spanish. The course includes 6 hours of Spanish classes per day and can be booked as individual (1:1) course or (1:2).

 Standard Spanish language course in Quito Ecuador





Quito - Sintaxis Language School

Course description 

Sintaxis Spanish Language Centre disposes of educational material of its own. Grammar is divided into 10 chapters. This allows you to learn the basic Spanish grammar systematically. The course addresses itself to any person who needs Spanish for his/her studies or wishing to have a good knowledge of the Spanish language before travelling. It is also designed for persons who have some knowledge in Spanish and wish to deepen and extend it.

With a daily quota of 6 lessons we normally advance one to two chapter per week. However, depending on the students, each lesson may require more or less time. If you begin this course without previous knowledge you will have a good basis when finishing it and be able to participate actively in discussions.

21 days
15 days - 6 lessons per day

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Learn Spanish in Ecuador. Take private lessons at Sintaxis language school. Our textbooks build up on 10 chapters. This makes possible a well structured learning.

Besides learning you will have enough free time and leisure for exploring Quito.

1:1 987 US$ (code: QRG90)
2:1 1579 US$ (code: 2QRG90)

The price includes all costs: private teaching, accommodation with one of our host families, half-board and laundry service.